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[announce] Results from the NCtelecon October 5th, 1999

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[ from http://www.dnso.org/dnso/notes/19991005.NCtelecon-minutes.html]


      DNSO Names Council Teleconference on October 5th, 1999 - results

October 5, 1999.

Proposed agenda and related documents:


NC telecon with participation of Andrew McLaughlin and Jonathan Zittrain in
the second part.

Adopted agenda:

  1. Minutes and Matters Arising

        o Liability Insurance for Names Council Members

          "Yes, NC members are covered by our liabiillity insurance
          since you are functioning as a committee in the legal sense."
          (Mike Roberts, ICANN CEO)

        o Election of GA Chair, information from Joe Sims

  2. Schedule of Meetings in LA and technical arrangements

     GA Chair

  3. October 11-15, Election of ICANN Board Members

     Proxy voting

  4. The issue of meeting procedures

     Berkman Center cooperation proposal

     With participation of Jonathan Zittrain

  5. The DNSO Business Plan and Budget

Next teleconferences will be held October 11th-15th, starting on Monday
October 11th, same time.
The Chair will be Dennis Jennings (ccTLD)

The next telecon are dedicated to the vote for ICANN Board and will not be
The full record of votes will be disclosed after the end of elections.

List of attendees:

   Tony Harris             ISPCP             absent
   Hirofumi Hotta          ISPCP
   Michael Schneider       ISPCP
   Jon Englund             Business          absent
   Javier Sola             Business          absent
   Theresa.Swinehart       Business
   Amadeu Abril i Abril    Registrars
   Ken Stubbs              Registrars        absent
   Richard Lindsay         Registrars
   Don Telage              gTLD
   Ted Shapiro             IP
   Caroline Chicoine       IP
   Jonathan Cohen          IP                replaced by Victoria Carrington
   Dennis Jennings         ccTLD
   Patricio Poblete        ccTLD
   Nigel Roberts           ccTLD             absent
   Raul Echeberria         NCDNH
   Kathryn Kleiman         NCDNH
   Youn Jung Park          NCDNH
   Ben Edelman             Berkman Center, webcast
   Elisabeth Porteneuve    DNSO Secretariat

Chair Dennis Jennings (ccTLD)

Quorum present

   * Liability Insurance for Names Council Members

     The NC wishes to have a clear view on his legal situation. The overview
     of a legal contract seems necessary

     Action: Dennis Jennings will contact Mike Roberts and request for a
     copy of contract and more information.

   * Election of GA Chair, information from Joe Sims

     There is a general misunderstunding about the GA role.

     Action: NC initiate a discussion about the GA structure as well as
     about relations between different components of the DNSO. From October
     16th, after elections to the ICANN Board, the NC will initiate the call
     for nominations for permanent GA Chair. To be elected in LA.

     Action: NC initiate a discussion about concensus. There is a necessity
     to have more understanding abount consensus. The Chair of GA should not
     interpret consensus like in Santiago meetings. The coordination between
     the NC and GA is needed.

   * Schedule of Meetings in LA and technical arrangements

     Resolved that the constituencies meetings on Monday will not be
     webcast, but only recorded. Different considerations: cost ($US 8000),
     time (afternoon in LA is in the middle of night in Europe),
     practicability (it is almost impossible to have a conference call with
     large aadience).

     The NC felt that it had an obligation to webcast the NC Meeting and the
     DNSO GA, but have no money. There is a reality shock, the DNSO and its
     institutions are likely to be expensive. Impossible to have
     international organization, teleconferences, secretariat working 15
     hours/day, notes, and support without appropriate budget. The raw
     estimation is $US 300,000. Furthermore also constituencies need to
     estimate their budget. Some constituencies would like to share
     facilities with the DNSO central secretariat, some consider needing
     full time dedicated secretariat.

     The NC resolved on September 30th to collect $US 35,000 within 30 days
     after the LA meetings (7 constituencies, $US 5000 each).

     Action: ICANN is not aware about relations with the DNSO Names Council.
     Two issues need to be discussed: fundings as well as decisions on

     The NC has a desire to support transparent process and remote
     participation, webcasting is needed, it is a fact not an alternative,
     and therefore the necessity to commit $US 8000.

   * October 11-15, Election of ICANN Board Members

     Proxy voting

     Resolved that a proxy mechanism is needed.

     Resolved that whereas the proxies issue need to be discussed, the
     decision is needed for the vote.

     Resolved that proxies given to somebody from outside the NC need to be
     notified bye email to the Secretariat no later than Friday, October
     8th, 18:00 CET. Mandatory: full name, email address and phone number of

     Resolved that proxies given to other NC member may be done on short
     notice (email) to the secretariat.

     Preliminary vote

     Resolved that the preliminary vote (each NC memebr casting up to 3
     votes for different persons) will start on

          Saturday, October 9th, 18:00 CET

          and will end on

          Sunday, October 10th, 18:00 CET.

     The Secretariat will provide results of the preliminary vote shortly
     after the close.

   * The issue of meeting procedures

     Berkman Center cooperation proposal. With participation of Jonathan

     Jonathan Zittrain and his students will work on pro bone effort (no
     cost, educational experience for Harward students) with the NC, trying
     to formalise adequate procedures adapted for the DNSO needs.

     Resolved that nobody from outside will chair the NC meetings, the
     Berkman Center help is on procedures for the procedures and some
     guidance. As such it is very welcome. The working methods of ICANN
     Board meetings seems appropriate to the NC members.

   * The DNSO Business Plan and Budget

     It is urgent to solve liability and expenses issues.

     The right approach would be to study what is needed and face the
     problems. It will be the highest priority item for the first NC telecon
     after elections.


                      Information from:   DNSO Names Council