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[announce] Results from the NCtelecon September 30th, 1999

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    DNSO Names Council Teleconference on September 30th, 1999 - results

September 30, 1999.

Proposed agenda and related documents:


NC telecon with participation of Andrew McLaughlin

Adopted agenda:

  1. Minutes and Matters Arising

     The reminder about 90 days waivers of the geographic diversity rules
     for the three constituencies (ccTLD, Registrars, IPC) to became
     compliant with ICANN Bylaws will be added to the minutes of September
     23rd NC.

  2. October 11-15, Election of ICANN Board Members


     Clarification of final procedures

     The issue of proxy is postponed to the next NC telecon, Tuesday Oct

  3. Schedule of Meetings In LA

  4. ICANN Bylaws Amendments, comments by Andrew Mclaughlin

     No clarification needed, no comments.

  5. The DNSO Business Plan and Budget

  6. The issue of meeting procedures (postponed)

  7. Amadeu's motion on DN warehousing (postponed)

  8. AOB (5 mins)

        o Extending the deadline for the Working Group C report
        o Constituencies mailling lists
        o Next NC teleconference and chair

Next telecon will be held on October 5th, same time.
The Chair will be Dennis Jennings (ccTLD)

The secretariat will provide an agenda.

List of attendees:

   Tony Harris             ISPCP
   Hirofumi Hotta          ISPCP             absent
   Michael Schneider       ISPCP             absent
   Jon Englund             Business
   Javier Sola             Business
   Theresa.Swinehart       Business
   Amadeu Abril i Abril    Registrars
   Ken Stubbs              Registrars
   Richard Lindsay         Registrars
   Don Telage              gTLD              absent
   Ted Shapiro             IP                absent
   Caroline Chicoine       IP
   Jonathan Cohen          IP                replaced by Victoria Carrington
   Dennis Jennings         ccTLD
   Patricio Poblete        ccTLD
   Nigel Roberts           ccTLD             arrived at 16:25
   Raul Echeberria         NCDNH
   Kathryn Kleiman         NCDNH             arrived in late
   Youn Jung Park          NCDNH
   Ben Edelman             Berkman Center, webcast
   Elisabeth Porteneuve    DNSO Secretariat

Chair Dennis Jennings (ccTLD)

Quorum present

   * October 11-15, Election of ICANN Board Members


       a. Modifications
       b. Clarification of final procedures
       c. The issue of proxy is postponed to the next NC telecon, Tuesday
          Oct 5th.


     The purpose of the preliminary round is to learn (practice of voting
     procedure by the NC) and to show relative preferences between nominees.
     It was resolved that no candidates will be be eliminated in the
     preliminary round. This imply additional rounds to each election.

     Clarification of final procedures:

     Each vote is taken in conjunction with the NC teleconference, using
     email or voice telephone to the special number provided by the

     All votes are confidential untill the end of election. After election
     every single vote of every NC member will be published.

     Confidentiality clause imply that all voting NC teleconferences will
     not be publicly webcasted (if technically possible the restricted
     webcast will be provided for the NC members only).

     During voting time both council list and special vote list will be
     restricted to the 19 members of the NC plus secretariat (actually this
     list includes also Joe Sims and Mike Roberts).

     During voting time the archiving of the council list will be stoped
     (hidden until the end of the election).

     Abstentions are possible.

     Bylaws require majority of the NC for the affirmative vote, i.e. 10.

     The proxy issue, legitimate in a long process of numerous
     teleconferences, will be discussed on October 5th NC telecon. The ICANN
     legal advise is needed to be sure the vote will not be invalidated.

     In case of the deadlock in the Nth election, the new call for
     nominations will be issued, concerning only not yet elected regions.

     All candidates eliminated in the Nth election will be back in the
     ballot for the N+1 election, except those from the geographic regions
     with already elected candidates.

     To be considered in the vote, a candidate shall be nominated and accept
     nomination according to the call for nomination posted on the
     www.dnso.org. The deadline is October 8th, 18:00 CET (local time for
     other places provided).

     The full record of votes will be archived, allowing the scrutiny by the
     third party in case of hostile reaction.

     The results and only the results of the preliminary vote (the one
     showing relative preferences between nominees) will be sent to the 19
     NC members only.

   * Schedule of Meetings In LA

     Resolved that there was not enough time on Monday and Tuesday to have
     all the meetings, and that Constituencies, GA and NC should meet before
     the ICANN Board, not after.

     Resolved that the Names Council should not dictate that the WG must
     meet - although optimally the agenda should provide a time slot, a
     place, and announce when they will meet so that anyone can attend to
     observe or participate.

     Resolved that not all WGs did contemplate to meet physically in LA only
     time slots are foreseen for these activity.

     Andrew will work with Elisabeth on the arrangements. It need to be
     settled this week.

       1. Monday

             * Monday Morning:
               ccTLD meeting with IANA
               Other Constituency meetings

             * Monday Afternoon:
               ccTLD and Other Constituency meetings

             * Monday Evening:
               Constituency Minutes / Reports prepared
               DNSO Working Groups slot time
               NC dinner / other dinners or social events

       2. Tuesday

             * Tuesday Early Morning:
               NC early breakfast

             * Tuesday Morning:
               General Assembly
               GAC (Closed)

             * Tuesday Afternoon:
               Names Council
               GAC (Closed)

             * Tuesday Late Afternoon:
               GAC Open Meeting

             * Tuesday Evening:
               DNSO Working Groups slot time
               GA Minutes / Reports Prepared

       3. Wednesday

             * Wednesday
               ICANN Open meeting

             * Wednesday Evening:
               DNSO Working Groups slot time

       4. Thursday

             * Thursday
               ICANN Board meeting

   * The DNSO Business Plan and Budget

     It is urgent to solve liability and expenses issues.

     For liability issues it is urgent to better understand the legal status
     of the NC.

     The DNSO is part of ICANN, but financially autonomous.

     Ken Stubbs will provide detailed analysis, working with Elisabeth,
     Berkman Center, Theresa, Dennis, YJP.

     The NC resolved to request every constituency to fund the NC with US$
     5000 with 30 days delay after LA meetings.

     One objection that this amount is a lot to the NCDNH.

     The very raw estimation for the NC expenses is approx US$300,000.

   * Extending the deadline for the Working Group C report

     The ICANN requested Working Groups to provide reports after Santiago
     meeting, but without setting up any deadline. It is up to the Names
     Council to decide if and which deadlines are appropriate.

     The NC set the final deadline for the Working Group C report for
     October 15th. It is not appropriate to extend this deadline now, the NC
     encourage the Working Group C to provide the report by deadline. Any
     interim dates are of the WG C ressort.

   * Constituencies mailling lists

     In the spirit of ICANN process it is requested to all constituencies to
     indicate their mailling lists and make mailing lists archives public
     and readible by all at the earliest possible date.


                 Information from:   DNSO Names Council