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[announce] Results from the NCtelecon September 23rd, 1999

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    DNSO Names Council Teleconference on September 23rd, 1999 - results

September 23, 1999.

Proposed agenda and related documents:


NC telecon with participation of Andrew McLaughlin

Adopted agenda:

  1. Election of Permanent Names Council Members
  2. Comments on "Proposed Bylaws Amendments Recommended by ICANN Staff"
  3. Procedure of Election of ICANN Board Members

     Mathematical algorithm for Election of ICANN Board Members

Postponed items to the next NC telecon on September 30th:

  1. Schedule of Meetings In LA (postponed two times, emergency)
  2. The DNSO Business Plan and Budget (postponed two times, emergency)
  3. Amadeu's motion on DN warehousing (postponed two times)
  4. The issue of meeting procedures (postponed)

Next telecon will be held on September 30th, same time.
The Chair will be Dennis Jennings (ccTLD)

The secretariat will provide an agenda

The NC may consider to held the special telecon with all nominees for the
election of ICANN Board members.

List of attendees:

   Tony Harris             ISPCP
   Hirofumi Hotta          ISPCP
   Michael Schneider       ISPCP
   Jon Englund             Business
   Javier Sola             Business
   Theresa.Swinehart       Business
   Amadeu Abril i Abril    Registrars
   Ken Stubbs              Registrars
   Richard Lindsay         Registrars
   Don Telage              gTLD
   Ted Shapiro             IP                absent
   Caroline Chicoine       IP
   Jonathan Cohen          IP
   Dennis Jennings         ccTLD
   Patricio Poblete        ccTLD
   Nigel Roberts           ccTLD             absent
   Raul Echeberria         NCDNH             absent
   Kathryn Kleiman         NCDNH
   Youn Jung Park          NCDNH
   Ben Edelman             Berkman Center, webcast
   Elisabeth Porteneuve    DNSO Secretariat

Chair Dennis Jennings (ccTLD)

Quorum present

   * Election of Permanent Names Council Members


       a. timescale
       b. respect of the ICANN Bylaws
       c. report from the ICANN side (applications and waivers received)
       d. report from Constituencies


     ICANN received four applications and three requests for a waiver. The
     request for a waiver from ccTLD will not be accepted, as they do not
     have any difficulty to be complient with Bylaws.

     The three constituencies that have formally applied for waivers of the
     geographic diversity rules will be granted 90-day waivers. Those three
     constituencies are the ccTLDs; the registrars; and the IPC.

     ICANN shall receive from every Constituency an application for
     permanent recognition. Such application shall clairely state the
     constituency abide by ICANN Bylaws. Every Constituency should have sent
     a formal application, even if it is the same as the original charter.

     The three constituencies not compliant with geographic diversity
     requirement based on the citizenship shall solve this problem within
     90-days and include into their applications the formal statement they
     will abide by ICANN Bylaws.

     It is not clear when starts the waiver period (before or after the
     elections for ICANN Board ?).

   * Comments on "Proposed Bylaws Amendments Recommended by ICANN Staff"

       a. Article VI, section 4 of ICANN Bylaws.

     Comments by Andrew McLaughlin

     The proposed amendment is implied by ICANN Bylaws, need to be
     explicited. The elected ICANN Board Members serve the community as a
     whole. Matter of fairness and conflict of interest. Basis rule of
     american corporations - one cannot vote on matters where there is
     personnal interest. There is a perception that unless you draw a line,
     there is an unfair advantage and the corresponding disadvantage. If the
     general feeling is that if a rule gives a significant advantage, then
     it is harmfull to the legitimacy. If a Constituency has provisions in
     its articles on replacement of NC representatives, then this
     Constituency can manage vote.

     Long debate.

     For one constituency -- gTLD -- if the current representative intend to
     run for election, the constituency loose its votes.

     Some geographic regions are concerned, that the proposed rule diminish
     chances of region to have representatives on the ICANN Board.

     Some NC representatives feel that the NC has obligation to the DNSO and
     the responsability that whoever is elected to the Board is representing
     entity not Constituency. The NC have to listen the concerns outside
     about fairness, and how the vote is conduct.

     Some feel that no matter the final decision, the rules should not be
     changed for this election.


     Any comment on the proposed amendments shall be officialy sent to the
     appropriate ICANN mailing list before September 27th, next Board

   * Procedure of Election of ICANN Board Members

     Mathematical algorithm for Election of ICANN Board Members


       a. timescale
       b. two proposal received, from Javier Sola (Convention-Style in
          single step) and Dennis Jennings (STV)
       c. Andrew Mclaughlin advice on procedure
       d. the NC resolved on September 15th to take the final decision today

     Andrew Mclaughlin advice on procedure.

     Andrew explicited Convention-Style voting and suggested to vote in

     It was pointed out that the STV request a blind vote, and may bring an
     inappropriate agregate (no respect of GD, no respect of different
     interests). The STV gives no possibility to adjust after the first and
     second elected. The STV is not used in small electorates, but is good
     in large ones.

     The Convention-Style in rounds has an advantage - gives the possibility
     to adjust subsequent votes.


     The debate included considerations that all regions elect all regions,
     which means that minoritarian regions are elected with the support of
     majoritarian ones. It was objected that there is no point to have every
     region electing only its representation, everybody should think global.

     The poll about mecanism was taken: Convention-Style with rounds vs
     Convention-Style single step. 7 abstentions (3 NC reps absent from the
     telecon, Dennis, Ken, YJP, Jon); 3 votes for single (Javier, Hiro,
     Kathryn); 8 votes for rounds (Caroline, Jonathan, Richard, Amadeu,
     Michael, Don, Theresa, Patricio).

     It was resolved that Andrew and Elisabeth work together just after the
     telecon and give proposal. Few hours will be allowed for comments. The
     final procedure will be published 48 hours in late on schedule adopted
     on September 15th, i.e. no later that Sunday September 26, end of
     morning CET time.


                 Information from:   DNSO Names Council