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[announce] NC - call for participation in Working Groups

June 15, 1999.

The provisional Names Council wishes to create working groups 
for reviewing several issues.

    Working Group B - Review of Chapter 4 of the WIPO proposal, 
                      concerning well known Trade-marks.

    Working Group C - Review the creation of new generic 
                      Top Level Domains.

    Working Group D - Review a Business Plan for the DNSO 
                      as well as Internal Procedures.

    Working Group E - Studying Global awareness of the process 
                      and outreach for geographical diversity.

Those who believe that they are prepared to work on Working 
Group B should send their name and credentials to Johnathan 
Cohen <scaf@idealaw.com>.
Those wanting to participate in Woring Group C should send 
the same data to Javier Sola <javier@aui.es>.

Applications to participate in these working groups should 
be sent before or on June 22nd.

Contact points for Working Groups D and E will be announced.

DNSO Secretariat