From: "Mark McFadden"
Subject: [council] SECRETARIAT: Results of ISPCP Elections - Request for Participation
Date: Thu, 17 May 2001 10:51:47 -0500

ISP and Connectivity Providers Constituency Group
Domain Name Supporting Organization - ICANN


4 May 2001

According to its bylaws and a proposal accepted in April 2001, the ISP and Connectivity Providers constituency has finished electing new DNSO Names Council representatives and officers.

The Secretariat is pleased to announce the results of the ISPCP constituency election for DNSO Names Council representatives.

are hereby elected by the ISPCP constituency as its representative to the DNSO Names Council.

For the record, the current DNSO Names Council Representatives and their terms are:

Could you ensure that these Names Council representatives are placed on all appropriate mailing lists and receive notice to participate in all Names Council activities. Could you also reply to this message so that I can confirm to the constituency that the election has been noted by the DNSO.

The Secretariat is also pleased to announce the results of the ISPCP constituency election for ISPCP officers.

are hereby elected by unanimous acclamation. For the record, the current ISPCP officers and their terms are:

If you have any questions about the elections please do not hesitate to contact me.


Mark McFadden
ISPCP Acting Secretariat
Chief Technology Officer
Commercial Internet eXchange
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