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[whois-sc] WHOIS Privacy steering group objectives

Hello All,

The objective of the steering group is to:
- examine the Staff Manager's report on WHOIS Privacy

- review the factual presentations of the ICANN public forum on WHOIS in

- develop recommendations, for the GNSO Council to approve, to form a
small number (e.g less than 5) of Task Forces to carry out the policy
development process on the major issues identified in the Staff
manager's report (it should be possible to group some of the related
issues for examination within a single task force)

- the recommendations should incorporate for each task force a terms of
reference in accordance with the ICANN bylaws (Annex A, Section 7(b)):

" Such Charter will include:

1. the issue to be addressed by the task force, as such issue was
articulated for the vote before the Council that commenced the PDP;

2. the specific timeline that the task force must adhere to, as set
forth below, unless the Board determines that there is a compelling
reason to extend the timeline; and

3. any specific instructions from the Council for the task force,
including whether or not the task force should solicit the advice of
outside advisors on the issue."

- if the steering group recommends more than two task forces be created
it should recommend to the GNSO Council an order in which the task force
work should be done, and an approximate timeframe for when each task
force will commence and finish

Steering Group members might like to review the IETF standard RFC2418 on
IETF Working Group Guidelines and Procedures
(http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2418.txt).  The standard documents best
practice within the IETF in forming working groups and defining
Section 2.1 (criteria for forming a working group) and Section 2.2
(Charter) are particularly relevant.

Bruce Tonkin
Chair, GNSO Council

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