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[whois-sc] RE: Privacy steering group -- meet in Montreal?

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Thank you Glen.  I have not received any notification from this list but will keep my eyes open.  
If Kiyoshi, Thomas, Wendy and I are the full roster of people appointed to the steering group so far, and given the very short time frame for action by the Steering Group under the GNSO Council resolution, may I suggest that we plan to convene in Montreal, along with anyone else who is appointed to the group in the meantime (I hope this will occur in constituency meetings?).   The meeting should take place after the conclusion of the Whois workshops of course since our first task is  to take the outcome of the Montreal ICANN workshop into account.  
How about 6:30 pm on Wednesday, at the conclusion of the ICANN Public Forum?  If a meeting room is needed perhaps Glen can assist us to get one.  Of course this meeting could be announced at the GNSO Council so newly appointed steering group members could also participate. 
Please respond as to your availability.  I will be in Montreal through Thursday so a meeting on Thursday would be possible from my point of view....
I hope that if any recipients are aware of other appointees they will forward this message accordingly.  Thanks.
Steve Metalitz
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Sent: Wednesday, June 18, 2003 1:36 PM
To: Steve Metalitz
Subject: RE: Privacy steering group -- meet in Montreal?

Thanks for your mail. You have probably noticed that you have been put on the mailing list for the Whois Privacy Steering group, whois-sc@dnso.org
archives may be found at:
http://www.dnso.org/clubpublic/whois-sc/Arc00/ (still empty)
ALAC has appointed two representatives: Thomas Roessler and Wendy Seltzer.
A reminder has gone out to Council about appointments. I have also informed Bruce Tonkin about your request.

As soon as any information is available, you will be informed.

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De : Steve Metalitz [mailto:metalitz@iipa.com]
Envoyé : mercredi 18 juin 2003 18:40
À : Jane Mutimear; 'DNSO SECRETARIAT'
Cc : Steve Metalitz; Kiyoshi Tsuru
Objet : RE: Privacy steering group -- meet in Montreal?

As I understand it a meeting of the Steering Group is being planned for Montreal. I had not seen any notice of it so thought I would check with you to find out if the date and time had been determined yet.  Of course the Montreal calendar is already quite crowded so any advance notice would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!
Steve Metalitz   
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From: Jane Mutimear [mailto:jane.mutimear@twobirds.com]
Sent: Friday, June 13, 2003 5:53 AM
Cc: 'Steve Metalitz'; Kiyoshi Tsuru (ktsuru@bgmt.com.mx)
Subject: Privacy steering group

I would like to put forward Steve and Kiyoshi to be the IPC reps on the Privacy Steering Group.  Can you add their email addresses to any list which is being compiled in relation to this group.
Many thanks

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