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[tor-udrp] Concerns in UDRP Task Force Letter.DOC

Caroline and other NC members,

Thank you for your works so far.

People from the areas where we cannot send their technical experts
on this issue are very concerned in this ToR UDRP.

According to UDRP Review's ToR, this proposal either intentionally or
unconsciously prevent from active participations out of Asia Pacific,
Latin America and Africa in the name of "technical experts" condition.

If you want to nicely put we prepared a "public comment" period later
which would allow our voices, which will be more serious insult to us.

These group of people, more than 2/3 of the world population, have been
structually prevented from their participation first due to our language
barriers and secondly due to our inferiority to technical knowledge which
once again has been caused by our economy development situation.

If this architecture consciously ignored by the leaders of rule-setters,
I do advise you that those experts discussion should be restricted to
their regions not to those people who have been blocked with reasons.

Thank you,

FYI, out of ToR
June 29 - August 14

August 15 - September 15
Questionnaire submitted to public for response at least via ICANN's website,
and via each UDRP provider's website where permitted.

August 15 - October 31

Task Force reviews results of questionnaire, as well as any third party
studies directed to the UDRP including without limitation the Syracuse
University study, the Max Plank Institute study and the Rose Communication

Based on the results of the questionnaire and those studies, the Task Force
shall prepare a Report summarizing the areas identified as needing reform
and the recommendations to implement such reform.  Again, the Task Force
will attempt to translate this Report from English into as many other
as possible.

November 1- November 11

The Task Force's Report forwarded to Names Council for review.

November 12
Names Council votes on Report at ICANN's annual meeting in Los Angeles.

November 13 - December 13

Task Force creates implementation schedule.

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