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[tor-udrp] UDRP Task Force Letter.DOC

Dear Names Council members,

While the interim committee has already received some nominations of
individuals for the UDRP Review Task Force, we want to also directly solicit
to the extent possible all of the interest groups identified in Terms of
Reference to make sure that anyone interested in participating has an
opportunity to do so.  

Please note that while at a minimum we expect you to provide us with a
Constituency representative, we also ask and encourage your members to
provide nominees in the other categories such as Complainant and Respondent.

Accordingly, please forward this letter to your Constituencies and provide
us with your nominations no later than July 27th.  We have already received
the nomination of Ken Stubbs from the Registrar Constituency.

Thank you.

Caroline Chicoine

 <<UDRP Task Force Letter.DOC>> 

UDRP Task Force Letter.DOC

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