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Re: [tor-udrp] udrp next steps

Hi, Caroline. 

In USA you are dealing with the July 4 holiday (national day).

I have tried to appoint someone from NCDNHC but we have run
into a problem. 

The constituency would like to nominate Michael Froomkin to serve
on its behalf. However, some have suggested that the NC voted
to exclude people who were on the original small drafting committee.

As you recall, I expressed reservations about this exclusion until
we had a list of people who would actually be affected. During the
call, the names of Kathy Kleiman, Rita Rodin, J. Scott Evans and
Steve Metalitz were mentioed, but not Froomkin. 

Further, I was under the impression that we were voting on the
ToR, not on the exclusion; I thought that we were waiting for an 
official list. 

This is a problem because the public interest/noncommercial
groups do not have a lot of legal talent to draw on. If we exclude
Kathy Kleiman AND Froomkin we have excluded the two most
well-informed lawyers we have. It's also my understanding, now
that I have looked into the facts, that while Kleiman was involved
all along, Froomkin was added to the original group later.

I am hoping we can be flexible enough to revisit this issue.
Let me know what you think. I've copied Philip and Froomkin on this.

>>> "Chicoine, Caroline G." <CCHICOINE@thompsoncoburn.com> 06/29/01 06:09PM >>>
Well, now we need to constitute the Task Force.  Unless I hear differently
this weekend, I will draft a letter I propose we send out to providers, the
Constituencies etc. requesting a volunteer and circulate it for your
comments.  Of course, if anyone has names of people they can think of that
would be suitable, please let me know.  If we can come up with and agree on
people without sending out a letter,  would anyone object to that?  Of
course, if you think we should go about this some other way, I am open to
suggestions.  Just let me know over this weekend if you can so we can keep
then momentum going.


Caroline G. Chicoine
Thompson Coburn LLP
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St. Louis, MO.  63101
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