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[tor-udrp] UDRP Terms of Reference.DOC

Okay guys and gals.  I took my first stab at a terms of reference for the
UDRP Review.  I did my best to incorporate everyone's comments, but I do not
presume I got it right.  I simply ask that everyone be kind in their
criticism.  In particular, Milton, based on your comment at the NC meeting
in Stockholm,I added a section that identifies the issues that we have
already come up with that need to be addressed.  Is this what you were
looking for?

As you will note, I have indicated that the process of creating the Task
Force should start June 15th (a little over a week from today).  I would
therefore welcome your comments and suggestions as soon as possible so we
can have a finalized version we all agree on by then.  We can of course push
the schedule back, but I find that people (i.e., me) tend to take longer to
respond if given the option.

 <<UDRP Terms of Reference.DOC>> 

UDRP Terms of Reference.DOC

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