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[registrars] PENDINGRENEWAL difficulties.

Dear Colleagues:  We have had problems submitting the Restore Report to 
Verisign.  When we submit the report, we receive a cookie and return to the 
login screen.  This appeared to me to be an acknowledgement that the report 
was successfully received.  However, Verisign intends that the registrar 
would receive an acknowledgement message.

I spoke with Chris Sheridan at length about it this morning.  I was 
wondering why our registrant was not all over me with hob nail boots, but 
he has been relatively passive since 5 February, when I went through the 
Restore phase of the transaction.

Chris explained that domains with "pendingrenewal" status 

I checked the domain and sure enough the registrant's web page resolves:-)))

Here is some background directly from Chris:


Per our conversation, here is the latest on the Pending Restore issue:

1. We are treating this as a SEV1.
2. Our Engineering Team is hoping to correct this issue asap.
3. The 7 Day PendingRestore grace period is turned off until we get this
issue fixed.
4. One clarification -> PendingRestore status does publish the name to the
Zone file.

Hope this helps,

Chris Sheridan
Customer Service
VeriSign Global Registry Services

end quote:

Hope this information relieves some anxiety in your "shop" -- it sure did 
for me:-)

Cordially, BobC

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