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[registrars] More on whois expiration date - not just wrong after auto-renew!

Hey, guess what!  Its not just an auto-renew problem!

Apparently, not only does Verisign get a domain's expiration date wrong 
when its been auto-renewed, but they get it wrong when its been renewed 
even without having been auto-renewed.

Yesterday, we processed a 9 year renewal for a customer.  This morning, she 
did a whois lookup and saw that the domain expires on 01-feb-2004, which 
was the date before the renewal.  Naturally, she was pretty confused and a 
little annoyed, trying to find out why we took her money.

Someone here used the registrar tool to verify the expiration date and sure 
enough, the tool said it is 2013-02-01.  So verisign knows when the date is 
yet they still report it wrong!

I still say, if they can't get it right, they should not report it at all!

James W. Archer

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