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Re: [registrars] auto deact -vs- auto renew


I would agree with Jim about the idea of the Registry controlling what
happens during the 45 day grace period. How a registrar deals with the
renewal during that time should be up to its own business model. I would
think any action the registry takes to disable the name during that period
would put the registry at risk of further involvement in any legal messes
that result from a site being taken down mistakenly.

Also, I think that Bruce makes a good point. At the end of the grace period
the domain name could just as easily be renewed in the absence of any
explicit delete, as deleted in the absence of an explicit renew. That would
move the charge for the renewal to the end of the grace period resolving
the funding issue, and still address the concerns of Jim and others.

As an alternative, we might suggest that the name be auto renewed at the
end of the grace period unless the registy has the Redemption Grace Period
implemented, which VGRS does. The RGP provides a 30-day window to still
correct mistakes. True, it's not without cost, but in most situations in
life, and business, mistakes have consequences. I believe the RGP was
introduced to help protect registrants, not to aleviate registrar's
responsibility to have sound systems and practices.


 -------- Original Message --------
   Subject: [registrars] auto deact -vs- auto renew
   From: Rick Wesson <wessorh@ar.com>
   Date: Thu, February 6, 2003 12:22 pm
   To: Registrars List <Registrars@dnso.org>

   In Shanghai chuck of VGRS made a proposal for changing the auto renew
   policy. This topic was of interest to the registrars on the call last
   week about the expiration date displayed in VGRS whois.

   Chucks proposal is as follows:

     o auto renew grace period continues, the name may change, but the
       period remains.

     o VGRS deactivates the name if not explicitly renewed or transfered
       day 10 of the renewal grace period.

     o VGRS deletes the names not explicity renewed or transfered by the
       of the renewal grace period.

   Please comment on this proposal and add any recommendations you may
   have. VGRS might me able to make the changes in their June/July
   software release. If we can get a paper and respective consensus to
   VGRS in 30 days it would help the understand if they can make the
   suggested changes in their summer release schedule.



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