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Re: [registrars] PersonalNames.com

Some participants on this list have expressed a concern about the existence 
of PersonalNmaes.com.  We share that concern and are also troubled by the 
precedent set.

As the EU has a particularly strong anti-trust organizations, both for the 
EU and each country, we have decided after some research that the best 
course of action, as a start, is to file a number of complaints.

I think the RC itself should consider filing a complaint. 
PersonalNames.com clearly has an unfair competitive advantage, as they 
themselves note on their web site.  Also, the pricing they offer -- which 
we can not offer until Feb 15th -- seems a particularly legal violation.

As the establishment and accreditation of this company is an immediate and 
serious threat to the continued existence of the entire registrar industry, 
I feel we should stand together on this to make a strong stand.  If we 
don't hang together, we shall surely hang separately.


--On Tuesday, January 28, 2003 11:38 AM -0500 Rob Hall <rob@momentous.com> 

> It seems that the Global Name Registry has decided to start selling
> domains to end users directly.
> Check out www.personalnames.com .

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