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Re: [registrars] auto deact -vs- auto renew

On Thu, Feb 06, 2003 at 11:22:29AM -0800, Rick Wesson took time to write:
>   o auto renew grace period continues, the name may change, but the
>     period remains.
>   o VGRS deactivates the name if not explicitly renewed or transfered by
>     day 10 of the renewal grace period.
>   o VGRS deletes the names not explicity renewed or transfered by the end
>     of the renewal grace period.

I fail to see what problem this tries to solve, since the only change
from the current behavior is the deactivation at expiration+10 days
by Registry in this proposal.

Registrars can put domain names on REGISTRAR-HOLD (thus deactivating
them) at any time, including at expiration, 10 days later, or

Thus, I do not understand why letting the Registry do it provides any

Patrick Mevzek

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