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Re: [registrars] auto deact -vs- auto renew

Rick Wesson wrote:
> In Shanghai chuck of VGRS made a proposal for changing the auto renew
> policy. This topic was of interest to the registrars on the call last week
> about the expiration date displayed in VGRS whois.
> Chucks proposal is as follows:
>   o auto renew grace period continues, the name may change, but the
>     period remains.
>   o VGRS deactivates the name if not explicitly renewed or transfered by
>     day 10 of the renewal grace period.

Why should the registry have this power?

>   o VGRS deletes the names not explicity renewed or transfered by the end
>     of the renewal grace period.

We are against this. A technical problem, for example,
that prevented a name from being renewed by the proper date
would cause it to be deleted (which would then incur a $40 cost
to restore) vs. (and not that it matters) $6 the way
it is now.

Larry Erlich

> Please comment on this proposal and add any recommendations you may have.
> VGRS might me able to make the changes in their June/July software
> release.
> If we can get a paper and respective consensus to VGRS in 30
> days it would help the understand if they can make the suggested changes
> in their summer release schedule.
> best,
> -rick

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