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RE: [registrars] Recovery during grace period.


"Fees for the redemption grace period service will be charged upon successful
restoration of domain name registrations. To provide for recovery of one-time
development costs while allowing a reduced price in the longer term, the fee
will initially be $85, but will later be reduced to $40. Specifically, through
the end of the second calendar month after the calendar month in which the
cumulative total of registered domain names restored pursuant to the Redemption
Grace Period policy reaches 2000, the price per successful restore command will
be $85; thereafter the fee will be $40.00."

You have the announcement last day january 16 in the mailing list

Saludos desde Espaņa :-)

Maria Silva
Interdomain SA

"Patricio Valdes" <valdes@parava.net> con fecha 02/06/2003 20:02:11

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Can someone please explain the costs involved with REstoring a domain, not
sure how but we missed it.


Patricio Valdes
Parava Networks

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We're also experiencing similar problems with domains we're trying to
redeem. We're receiving errors when trying to submit the required redemption
report. It's difficult to justify the high cost of this service to our
customers and
these delays don't help.

We would welcome a delete redemption system that takes effect after prior
grace periods have expired.

Thanks & regards,

At 07:52 AM 2/6/03 -0800, Robert F. Connelly wrote:
>Dear Colleagues:
>We were surprised at one aspect of the implementation of the Delete
>Redemption system.
>As you will remember, when a domain was deleted in the past, it was placed
>on registry-hold for five days.  I was expecting that the redemption grace
>period would begin after the five days on registry-hold.
>We had an inadvertent deletion on 2 February, I caught it within 8
>hours.  But it was already on the Redemption Grace status.  Not only is it
>costing us $85 now, but the system is flawed.  We completed the Redemption
>Report 24 hours ago but the domain is still in limbo.  I called Verisign
>just now and was promised an answer in 3 hours.
>Any other experiences with Redemption Grace?
>Regards, BobC

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