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[registrars] Recovery during grace period.

Dear Colleagues:

We were surprised at one aspect of the implementation of the Delete 
Redemption system.

As you will remember, when a domain was deleted in the past, it was placed 
on registry-hold for five days.  I was expecting that the redemption grace 
period would begin after the five days on registry-hold.

We had an inadvertent deletion on 2 February, I caught it within 8 
hours.  But it was already on the Redemption Grace status.  Not only is it 
costing us $85 now, but the system is flawed.  We completed the Redemption 
Report 24 hours ago but the domain is still in limbo.  I called Verisign 
just now and was promised an answer in 3 hours.

Any other experiences with Redemption Grace?

Regards, BobC

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