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[registrars] RE: [RegistrarsList] Redemption Grace Period and AutoRenew Behavior

At 05:40 PM 2/5/03 -0500, Elana Broitman wrote:
>In the second scenario, why is there a 45-day grace period once the name 
>has been restored and renewed?

Dear Elana:

5. On March 14, the Registrar decides to Restore the domain name and issues
the Restore Command.
6. Domain name is immediately moved to PendingRestore status for 7 days.
7. On March 15th, the Registrar submits the Restore Report through the
Registrar Tool.
8. Domain name is immediately placed on Active status.
9. On March 16th the domain name is AutoRenewed by VGRS. (5 days after it
had expired).

end quote:

The Renewal Report has provisions for the following dates:

Deleted date.
Restored date.
Created date.
Expiration date.

In Option A, the expiration date has already been passed.  The domain is 
restored with the expired date.  Verisign then AutoRenewes the domain.

I have other comments I'll post in the future.
Regards, BobC
In this case, it was renewed with the

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