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[registrars] CTO's summary report.


A few weeks ago the Excom encouraged all registrars sitting on icann
committees to provide bi-monthly reports of the activities that occurred
on the committees where they represent registrars. Provided below is a
summary of the activities I have participated in.

Whois Taskforce Implementation Committee
  Bruce Tonkin provided a report and summary of the committees work
  in a message to this list, I have nothing to add.
  This committees work is finished.

Budget Advisory Committee
  Elana, Paul and myself met via teleconference with Stuart Lynn and Diane
  of ICANN for a briefing on how the budget advisory committee works and
  its tasks and time lines. We expect to have some documents for
  constituency review around the time of the DC meeting.

Expiration Date Position Paper
  Though not a committee, we held a teleconference last week and a draft
  paper was posted for comment. Bruce Tonkin has edited the document and
  posted it to the list.
  see http://www.dnso.org/clubpublic/registrars/Arc02/msg00232.html

Security and Stability Committee
  We meet weekly to discuss Internet Security issues.

  We did not meet last week due to members travel and schedule conflicts.
  We will meet next monday via teleconference.


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