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RE: [registrars] WHOIS expiration date for Auto-renewed domains

> I think the Registry needs to show the real expiry date, not 
> the new one once they have auto-renewed.  I would couple this 
> with a change in status as well.  Perhaps "Active - pending 
> renewal" or "Active - Post Expiration".
> As a Registrar, I can always explicitly renew the domain, and 
> the date will forward by a year.

The issue here is that you DO NOT send an explicit renew if you wish to
renew the name. that's where the problem stems from. Therefore the
registry never knows that you have renewed the name on our side

This would actually require a modification to RRP and their
implementation of AUTO-RENEW where an explicit renew command needs to be
sent, and if it is not sent then the domain would be deleted after 45
days. This is the opposite behaviour of the current "assumed renewed
after 45 days" behaviour

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