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Re: [registrars] Fw: Renewal Scams

> FYI I found out that DRoC (eNom reseller) is an active member of
> Better Business Bereuo(BBB) of canada, american board of trade and
> The canadian federation of independent business (CFIB).  I understand
> that there is *no* ongoing inquiry of the Canadian DOJ with
> DRoC.  And even if there was, what would eNom have to do with it?
> I also found this press release:
> http://www.newswire.ca/releases/July2001/25/c4757.html
> that you can read for more info.

First, professional affiliations are a dime a dozen. Further, a quick search
of the US BBB shows that the BBB has received no complaints about Enron over
the last three years
(http://speedy.bbbnm.com/search/new/externalreport.asp?k=17731). Second,
press releases have never been shown to be even a remotely reasonable
assessment of the truth. Another quick search for "Enron" at Newswire.ca
will give you some similar chuckles - if the humor is lost on you, try a
search for Nortel and look for the part where they promise to "redefine the
economics of networking"...sounds like a portent to me ;)

As far as the Canadian DOJ goes, two things there - first, we don't have one
;) - second, eNom is responsible to every single registrant that DROC signs
up on your behalf and you are on the hook to the registries, the other
registrars and ICANN for the validity of the transfers as well as numerous
other obligations under the various contracts. Rob summed the rest up pretty
good...but some more clarity regarding NDN is in order.

> I think you are wrong on that.
> They are not the same company.
> I did some further checking and I'm pretty
> sure they are a Tucows reseller.

You may indeed be right - thanks for the correction. To the specific though,
as a matter of professional courtesy, we don't discuss our relationships
with our resellers in public. I'm not even sure what the account status of
the reseller that you reference below is, and nor am I going to look - more
on that in a second....

I'm not sure what the status of the FTC investigation or legal proceedings
are either - but they specifically have to do with "Darren J. Morgenstern,
1268957 Ontario, Inc., and 1371772 Ontario Inc.," If you are alleging that
the reseller referenced below is the same as "Darren J. Morgenstern, 1268957
Ontario, Inc., and 1371772 Ontario Inc.,"  or that the reseller (even if not
the same as the aforementioned) is engaged in improper conduct, then out
with it - be explicit about it. (keeping in mind that if any of these
entities referenced were indeed a reseller of ours that they would be
operating in violation of a temporary restraining order issued by a US court
for up to 13 months or more)

If you *are* making an allegation, then I will look at this reseller's
account status to get a better idea of what is going on. I will also
personally walk your complaint over to our Reseller Affairs and our In-house
Counsel and make sure that the appropriate investigation and steps are taken
to ensure that Tucows continues to operate not only within the letter of our
registrar obligations, but more importantly the spirit.

You will never hear me say that 100% of our resellers are perfect - we have
thousands and proactively babysitting them is impossible and unnecessary.
But, you will also never see or hear me, or anyone else in the organization
shirking our legal and community obligations after an alleged impropriety is
discovered or brought to our attention.

All I ask in return from other registrars is the same - sadly, the
experiences of the last year have shown me that I shouldn't expect it any
longer. Hopefully you'll take a look at the outcry over DROC/DROA/IROC a
little bit closer and keep eNom out of that minority fringe of registrars
that drags the rest of us down.



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