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RE: [registrars] Fw: Renewal Scams

A quick query of their nameservers (dnsX.name-services.com) lists the
following top 5 registrars.

 129729	ENOM, INC.


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From: Rob Hall [mailto:rob@momentous.ca] 
Sent: 16. april 2002 20:58
To: Registrars Mail List
Subject: RE: [registrars] Fw: Renewal Scams

hmmm ... Domain Registry of America eh .... www.droa.com ....

We have had something damn similar under two different names:  Domain
Registry of Canada (www.droc.ca) and the Internet Registry of Canada
(www.iroc.ca).  I believe the IROC had both a government and registry media
alert sent out about their practices.  We have been living with these guys
now for over a year.  What a pain.

It would be interesting to find out which registrar they are using.  I would
also suspect they are in violation of the ICANN agreement, as the registrar
is not disclosed anywyhere (at least, not that I can find.).  Their
agreement states "DRoA is a registration service provider, which uses an
accredited registrar with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and
Numbers ("ICANN") for Top Level Domain Names"

Any one have any idea who they are using ?

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From: owner-registrars@dnso.org [mailto:owner-registrars@dnso.org]On Behalf
Of Tim Ruiz
Sent: Tuesday, April 16, 2002 2:24 PM
To: ross@tucows.com
Cc: registrars@dnso.org; ga@dnso.org
Subject: Re: [registrars] Fw: Renewal Scams

>Continued coordination of effort will be important.

Ross, or anyone else. We have "touched base" with a few of you but I'm not
aware of any more coordination than that. If there is a more coordinated
effort going on to address this issue, please let me know.

Tim Ruiz
Go Daddy Software, Inc.

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Subject: [registrars] Fw: Renewal Scams
From: "Ross Wm. Rader" <ross@tucows.com>
Date: Tue, April 16, 2002 10:19 am
To: "Registrars@Dnso. Org" <registrars@dnso.org>, <ga@dnso.org>

I know a few of you are working along the same lines as Mark, so I
thought it might be useful to pass this on. Continued coordination of
effort will be important.


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From: "Mark Petersen" <mark@planet-nic.com>
To: <discuss-list@opensrs.org>
Sent: Tuesday, April 16, 2002 12:51 PM
Subject: Renewal Scams

Hi All,
FYI, we are now posting "renewal scam" Postal and Emails that our
clients have been sending us.
Feel free to *borrow* any of this information if you would like to
post it on your own sites for your
customers information. Getting this information to our clients is key
if we are going to be able to slow
these guys down in this practice.
Likewise, if you have something that we can post for our clients,
please feel free to email it to me.

You can find what we have posted thus far at

Mark Petersen mark@planet-nic.com
Planet Nic http://www.planet-nic.com

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