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RE: [registrars] .info transfers from Verisign

Very interesting discussion and I just thought I would like to throw my two
cents in.

Ross is correct that 3.3 of the registrar accreditation agreement states
that the "data SHALL (emphasis added) consist of the following elements as
contained in Registrar's database .... e-mail address ... of the technical
contact ... and e-mail address ... of the administrative contact."

However, Larry raises a logic argument, if a client is not yet on the
Internet and is only reserving rights for future use, they may not have a
functioning email address.

This question has been asked to me by a couple of registrars in the past,
and I offered the following comments. (NOTE: Standard disclaimer, this is my
personal opinion and does not constitute legal advice, seek a legal opinion
from your attorney)

The email contact field is required and is not optional. Therefore, a
registrar seeking to cater to that segment of the population not yet on the
Internet, but wishing to reserve a domain names for future use could
consider the following option. The registrar should provide in the
registrant contract a provision by which the registrar will provide an email
no-valid-email@ICANN-Registrar.com, whereby the registrar agrees to forward
any email received at this email address to the registrant via fax or snail

This recommended course of action potentially exposes a registrar to
significant liability for the duty that they have undertaken. However, there
may be smaller boutique registrars that are willing to offer this service to
their clients, or registrants willing to pay the higher price. For example,
Register.com has in the past provided anonymous domain name registration to
the corporate clients with sales above a set quarterly threshold.

Another factor that would enter into my consideration is whether the domain
name is active, parking page, etc. If there is an active web site associated
with the domain name it would be fair to third parties (law enforcement, IP
owners, etc.) to have an electronic means of communicating with the

Just my two cents based on the facts as I have gathered from the discussion.


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> Is there a actual requirement that a person have
> an email address in order to register a domain
> name???  We have some customers that register domain
> names for future use that don't have email
> or even Internet access.

According to 3.3 of the accreditation agreement, yes.



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