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Re: [registrars] expiry date and creation date dont match

On Tue, Apr 09, 2002 at 09:38:36PM +0530, Bhavin Turakhia took time to write:
> can anyone tell me when would something like this happen -
>    DOMAIN: kinminks.com
>    Record last updated on 25-Mar-2002.
>    Record expires on 04-Sep-2002.
>    Record created on 25-Mar-2002.
> note that the record is created on 25-Mar-2002, but expires on
> 4th-Sep-2002 - which is less than a year
> Additoinal info:
> * the domain is currently regstered with netsol
> * the domain was earlier with namezero

AFAIK this means the owner name was changed.

Netsol changes the creation date with an ownership change, and then
refuses to transfer domain names (rule of 60 days). I already asked
ICANN about this, and they seem to be OK with that.

But we had many customers with Namezero : they asked for a
change of ownership (to be able later on to do the transfer),
which was done late by Namezero/Netsol, thus the domain was near
expired, and unable to be transfered to us.

Patrick Mevzek.

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