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[registrars] BizLock?


Is the registry working directly with registrants in this program? I find
it hard to believe that registrars now have no control over their domains.

seems like the registry isn't appreciating it sales channel and appears to
create some FUD around copetant anc credable registrars.

I for one don't like being lumped in with abusive registrars.


Two (2)  varieties of BIZlockSM are available:
       BIZlockSM Basic - This service will generally deny the
implementation of specific domain name updates. This service prevents the
transfer, deletion and specific updates to domain names by either the
Registrar or Registrant. While the domain is locked, changes cannot be
implemented. Registrants unlock the domain to implement changes and relock
it when changes are complete.

       BIZlockSM Select - This service allows the processing of specific
updates only after the completion of a specific approval process. This
service also prevents the transfer, deletion and specific updates to
by either the Registrar or Registrant. However, unlike BIZlockSM Basic,
whenever an update is attempted, the service will generate and send
to primary and/or secondary contacts set by the Registrant requesting
approval of the update. Login, review and approval from primary and/or
secondary contacts are required before updates are implemented.

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