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Re: [registrars] Re: FW: rejected domain (pailing.net)

On Wed, Apr 03, 2002 at 12:16:47PM -0600, Nezih Erkman took time to write:
> IMHO, there is no need to invent new procedures.
> The current system would work just fine, if EVERY registrar obey the rules
> (instead of bending them according to their business model).
> And it's ICANN's job to take the bad apples out of the box.

The problem is far more complex than that. The rules are not clear
enough, thus subject to interpretation.

Thus few options:
- stay like that and complain
- try to make the rules clearer, this is the way attempted now, we
all hope it will succeed, but nodoby knows when. After the TF has
finished, it must be accepted by ICANN, and such...
After the rules are clear, they still need to be enforced. This is
another problem by itself.
- try something else. my proposition is not a formal one, just an
idea I had, and I reacted to Mr. Connelly point to present a solution
that can work right now, without waiting on anyone.

Patrick Mevzek

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