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[registrars] NSI Renewal dates December 31, 1969


Although a ICANN registrar for 2 years, we still have some legacy domains
with NSI, as imagine is the case for some other registrars.

When BULK renewing domains on NSI's site, some domains are being displayed
as EXPIRED with a RENEWAL DATE of 31/12/1969. In spite of the fact these
domains were renewed(some as early as Feb 2002) they are still listed as
EXPIRED and when a whois is done on these domains, the record shows NO

In some cases, our clients have renewed the domain out of fear ( perhaps
from deactivation notices <in english>....99% of our clients are french) in
of our reassurances that we have indeed renewed their domains.

Have any other registrars experienced this problem? Your input is welcome.

Scott Jung

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