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RE: [registrars] .info transfers from Verisign

I will say that we haven't had many problems with Verisign and
transferring .info domains.  We always have problems with transferring
.info domains away from register.com.

Our customers have received some great responses from register.com
support.  I don't have the emails in front of me but I remember a few of
them because they were so funny.

I remember one of the first emails about transferring an .info domain
away from register.com, the customer support rep told our customer that
they should contact Tommy Williams at Afilias and he could transfer the
domain to directNIC and it included his phone number.

Another one said that you can't transfer .info domains at all.

And I just found one email from about 7 days ago.

Original Message 

> Hi, 
> I need the authorization codes to transfer 
> these .info's from you to another register 
> DirectNic.com. Please send 
> einvestments.info 
> nowrenting.info 
> eopenhouse.info 
> grandopening.info 
> newhouses.info 

Dear Mr. xxxxxx, 
Thank you for your inquiry. 
To transfer the registrar of your domain name from Register.com to 
another registrar, you must initiate the transfer through the registrar 
you wish to transfer to. Unfortunately, Register.com is unable to assist

you in this matter. Please contact the registrar to which you wish to 
transfer your domain name registration. 
If you have any additional questions, please contact Register.com. 
Best Regards, 
Customer Support 
Register.com, Inc. 
Toll free in the U.S. and Canada: (800) 899-9704 
Outside the U.S. and Canada: +1 (902) 749-2701

Every time we get a .info transfer from register.com, I have to contact
Afilias support, they then send an email to Register.com support and
usually the first time we don't get a response.  Then about a week
later, I bug Afilias again, and they send another email to register.com
support.  And usually the auth_info codes arrive to the customer a day
or two later.

We are still waiting for the auth_info codes from the latest Afilias
email that was sent last week.

Donny Simonton

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> Behalf Of Paul Stahura
> Sent: Tuesday, April 02, 2002 4:32 PM
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> Subject: [registrars] .info transfers from Verisign
> Bruce,
> We are getting more and more complaints
> about Verisign Registrar not giving out
> .info keys so that customers can transfer
> .info names out of your registrar.
> As you know, the transfer ability is the
> basis for competition in our industry.
> Please give customers the ability to transfer
> .info names away.  It is hard to beleive
> that your company cannot implement such
> a simple feature.  Are other registrars
> having similar trouble?
> Paul
> eNom, Inc.
> Below is one complaint:
> Dear [eNom customer support]
> I finally got to a 2nd Level technician who actually had to look into
> matter.  His claim was that altough I was correct Network Solutions
had no
> mechanism in place to issue an authorization key.  They said they
> inform
> me of it once it was in place.  He also said that they had no time
> for
> when this would be completed.
> I sent an e-mail to afilias to inform them that the customer support
> Network
> Solutions was informing customers that Afilias was not allowing these
> domains to
> transfer registrars at this time.  Hopefully afilias will light a fire
> under
> Network Solutions.
> Outside of that I guess there is nothing we can do.
> Kind Regards,
> [name removed]

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