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RE: [registrars] Whois expiration dates

But the existing registrar doesn't need to "explicitly renew".  They just
need to not delete the domain, as they have already been charged for it at
the expiry date for the coming year.

So I am not sure what you mean by "explicitly renew", and hence, I am not
sure where the problem is.  I don't believe there is any obligation on the
existing registrar to do anything upon a renewal other than not delete the
domain (and presumably updating the whois renewal date that displays).  What
is it you are suggesting that the existing registrar needs to do ?

It would seem that your best bet is to transfer the domain after the 45 day
period has expired to avoid any problems.  Or am I missing something ?


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> Now we just have to figure out if an explicit Renew can be done AFTER a
> Transfer Request has been issued.  And a test should be done to see if
> VeriSign properly handles the overlapping Auto-renew and explicit Renew
> grace periods and issues a credit for the Auto-renewal.

good question ......

1. Im sure an explicit renew can be done after a trfer requesthas been
issued. if it cannot, then the best way to prevent any particular competitor
from renewing their name wouldbe to keep on sending trfer requests for that
domain name

2. the latter is to be tested :)

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