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RE: [registrars] Whois expiration dates


Your theory is interesting, but unfortunately, not based on fact.

Though we believe that our engineers are unrivaled, we find that being
human, they do make mistakes sometimes.  The issues experienced with these
few domains were due to a software bug, which was unintentional (by
definition).  Though the bug was corrected shortly after it was introduced
and found, the fact that it had affected several domains was not discovered
until I was recently given a heads-up by our good friends at Register.com.
As I've stated earlier, this issue is on the engineering queue to be
resolved in the near term.



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Upon further discussion in our office, we have a theory.  Maybe you can
confirm or refute it.

When a name is past expiration at VeriSign, the customer has to renew it
with you before it can be Transferred to another Registrar.  The 3 instances
that we have seen in the past 2 weeks have all been names that we tried to
Transfer, were Nacked because were past expiration, then renewed by the
current Registrant/Administrator.  The expiration date then seems to
disappear from Whois.

At least 1 of these names we tried to Transfer again at this point.  The
Transfer was ACK'ed at VeriSign and the Transfer completed.  Of course the
customer lost their year of renewal since the domain was not more than 45
days past its original expiration date (the grace period for auto-renewals).

We haven't confirmed this yet, but we were wondering if the expiration date
would reappear on the 46th day past the original expiration date when the
Transfer could be done without the customer losing their renewal year?


Mike Lampson
The Registry at Info Avenue, LLC

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