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[registrars] FW: Registrar Accuses VeriSign Of Predatory Marketing

My concern is
* How are they getting the name, mailing address and expiry date of these domain names??
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Subject: Registrar Accuses VeriSign Of Predatory Marketing

Registrar Accuses VeriSign Of Predatory Marketing
by David McGuire
Go Daddy Software, an Internet address seller and Web hosting company, says that addressing giant VeriSign Inc. is attempting to dupe Go Daddy customers into transferring their domain name registrations to VeriSign.
In a letter to its customers, Go Daddy accused VeriSign of sending out domain name "renewal notices" to Go Daddy users. The fine print of the direct mail notices reveals that signing and returning one of them authorizes VeriSign to transfer a customer's Internet address from Go Daddy to VeriSign.
"The domain expiration notices are designed so that it is not obvious that the notices are from VeriSign Inc. as opposed to Go Daddy Software," Go Daddy President Bob Parsons wrote in the letter.
"What it relies on is deception. It relies on the individual to be unsuspecting (and) uninformed. It's a trick," Parsons told Newsbytes. "To me, that's no way to do business."
Go Daddy has posted an electronic image of one of the VeriSign notices - which Parsons says went out to Go Daddy customers - on its Web site at http://www.godaddy.com/gdshop/private_vsrn.asp?display=letter .
VeriSign spokesman Pat Burns confirmed that his company had sent out the notices as a mass mailing, but said that there was nothing improper about them.
"Everything we send has our name on it," Burns said. "It's a competitive marketplace. We reach out to a variety of different customers to make them aware of our services."
But while Parsons conceded that the VeriSign mailing did bear VeriSign's corporate logo, he said the notice contained no pitch to customers about why they should switch their service away from Go Daddy.
Parsons said he has received notes from several Go Daddy customers who thought it was a simple renewal form.
Parsons said that Go Daddy executives are still attempting to determine whether they can or should take action against VeriSign over the notices.
The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) - which manages the Internet's addressing system and accredits Internet registrars like Go Daddy and VeriSign - will look into the matter, ICANN spokeswoman Mary Hewitt said today.

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