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RE: [registrars] Minutes of Registrars' Constituency Mtg in ACCRA

Tim - thank you for posting your notes quickly after the meeting. I offer
two points of clarification so that the registrars who did not attend don't
believe that decisions may have been made by the relatively small group of

1) The observations regarding restructuring were raised by various people in
the context of a free-flowing discussion.  None of them were generally
agreed - even by the group present.  Therefore, they should be read as notes
of individual statements, not influencing the outcome of an RC position.

2) Just to clarify, the discussion of increased communication involved two
proposals: a) monthly or so to hold an RC call to discuss issues, but make
no decisions and to continue discussions by email; and b) listening in on
the ExCom calls without actively participating.  On the first, there was
overwhelming support among the group present in Accra, though with concerns
raised by those preferring to communicate solely by email.  A constituency
decision needs to be made.  On the second, there was no decision, and a
compromise offer was proposed to distribute minutes of the ExCom calls.
Again, this needs a constituency decision.


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The minutes of the Accra meeting are attached here and will be posted to the
website as soon as time allows.

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