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RE: [registrars] WLS update from VGRS

This is not a service! When I look at the other "services" that VGRS now
offering like DNS what are my options with this business.
1) I can develop my own.
2) I can use another package
3) I do not have to offer any solution
4) I can use VGRS

Wow - this is great I have other solution providers that I can use. This
gives me the chance to select this service based on my business needs and
provide the best solution for my customers at a reasonable price.

Now what are my option for WLS
1) I have to use VGRS
2) I don't have to offer it

Their is no choice in this.

I can tell you now that since there has not been any drops in the last few
months the speculators have been saving their dollars. This entire process
is going to be treated just like a drop and the speculators will get the
majority of the WLS names - not the general consumer that this was to help.

What about the thousands of names that have been expired for a year or more
that have yet to drop can they now have a WLS. What guarantee do we have
that a name is going to be released into the WLS pool if a registrar can
hold on to the expired domain for years.


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Not sure if anybody has seen this, it was posted on the ga list today.


Donny Simonton

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