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RE: [registrars] RE: Domain Name Expiration Notices


I think that you are specifically referring to is the situation where a
domain is coming up for renewal, it has entered the renewal notice cycle,
and then is transferred to another registrar prior to expiration.  Since we
use an outside vendor to generate and mail the renewal notices, it is
possible that in the few days that it takes to generate the renewal list for
the vendor and for the vendor to send out the renewal notices, that the
domain has been transferred.  It is not cost-effective to re-run the lists
over-and-over - we rely on the 99.9% accuracy we have in the renewal notice

Since a transfer has occurred, one would assume that as in other industries,
the new registrar has explained to the customer that they have changed
providers, and they may get some remnant mail from the former provider.
Certainly this is what happens in the wireless and long-distance



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Yes, thats what our customers receive. Postal mail expiration and 
deactivation notices.  Prehaps Bruce can clarify what is happening?

--On Wednesday, March 20, 2002 7:31 PM -0700 tim@godaddy.com wrote:

> I need to correct this. It was not an email offer it was a postal mail
> offer.
> Tim Ruiz
> Go Daddy
> On Wed, 20 Mar 2002, Tim Ruiz wrote:
>> Our customers have been confused and complaining about an email they
>> received from VeriSign Registrar that looks like a simple renewal notice.
> No
>> marketing copy, even the return address is Expiration Department...
>> Have any of you been receiving similar complaints? What do you think of
> this
>> practice in general?
>> Another bit of a puzzle is how they know which of our customer's domains
> are
>> expiring. According to our logs it doesn't appear that they've been
>> automating queries into our port 43.
>> Tim Ruiz
>> Go Daddy

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