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Re: [registrars] Domain Name Expiration Notices?

That could be it Jim. One I was looking at earlier I thought was a new
registraton with Go Daddy. I'll have to dig into that a bit more to be sure.


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   Subject: Re: [registrars] Domain Name Expiration Notices?
   From: Jim Archer <jarcher@registrationtek.com>
   Date: Wed, March 20, 2002 7:34 pm
   To: tim@godaddy.com, Registrars@dnso.org

   Tim, we have had this problem forever.  It seems to us that when we
   get a  transfer from Verisign, Verisign still bills the customer for a
   renewal,  even though they no longer sponser the domain.  Further,
   they send a  deactivation notice.  It has consumed customer service
   resources.  Is this  what your seeing?

   --On Wednesday, March 20, 2002 6:00 PM -0600 Tim Ruiz
   <tim@godaddy.com>  wrote:

   > Our customers have been confused and complaining about an email they
   > received from VeriSign Registrar that looks like a simple renewal
   > notice. No marketing copy, even the return address is Expiration
   > Department... Have any of you been receiving similar complaints?
   > What do you think of this practice in general?
   > Another bit of a puzzle is how they know which of our customer's
   > domains are expiring. According to our logs it doesn't appear that
   > they've been automating queries into our port 43.
   > Tim Ruiz
   > Go Daddy

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