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[registrars] CORE and TotalNIC

It's our experience that CORE/TotalNIC pair decline transfers with the
following reason:
"The domain name omantrading.com is within 30 days of its expiration date,
so you will need to renew it with TotalNIC before you can transfer it to
another registrar."
Note that domain is not expired but getting there. Also, they have been
declining this particular transfer even  when it had more than 30 days to
the expiration date.  I guess the reason back then was "Domain is within
last 60 days" !!!

1-Are we the only registrar that has transfer problems with CORE/TotalNIC
2-Is ICANN going to do anything about this practice? (As we all know, this
is not only for one domain)
3-What is holding other registrars start declining transfer with the
following reason?
"The domain is within last 2 years"

Best Regards,

Nezih Jack Erkman
R & K GBS, Inc.
Cell: 501-779-1934

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