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[registrars] FW: Application for domaininfo.biz

Dear Fellow Registrars,

It would be interesting to have your thoughts on the below practice.

Best Regards,

Per-Anders Hurtigh

Domaininfo AB - a House of Ports company
http://www.domaininfo.com - http://www.ports.info

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>From ipclaim@directi.com  Wed Mar 13 15:58:09 2002
Subject: Application for domaininfo.biz

Hi Mr Per-Anders Hurtigh,

You have an IP Claim on the domain DOMAININFO.BIZ.

You would have surely applied for this domain name through some Registrar, yourself. However DO NOT LET this IP Claim lend you a false sense of security about definetly obtaining your Domain Name. We at Directi have conducted extensive Research on names which have an IP Claim on them, and the chances of your getting your Name are not too high. In the worst case your chances of getting domaininfo.biz maybe around 1.25%

Whats more... if you do not get domaininfo.biz then to obtain it back using a WIPO Claim you will need to spend $1500 with NO GUARANTEE in outcome. For details on the WIPO Arbitration process please refer to the links below

Fee Schedule: http://arbiter.wipo.int/domains/gtld/biz/stop/fees.html
STOP Guidelines: http://arbiter.wipo.int/domains/gtld/biz/stop/index.html

It is obvious therefore that this round robin is the only real way to get domaininfo.biz. But with a 1.25% chance you do not have much of a scope.

We at Directi, an ICANN ACCREDITED Registrar, have worked out a unique IP Protection program, in order to assist your chances. We have submitted domaininfo.biz to queues of a large number of Registrars on your behalf. We can now cancel these applications or proceed with them, based on your permission. If you allow us to proceed with these applications, it would multiply your chances of getting domaininfo.biz by several times (over 10-15 times on our count). We are helping a large number of IP Claimants like you obtain their rightful names. Unlike other Registrars we have catered only to genuine IP Claimants and trademark holders.

You DO NOT have to pay us anything right now. What you need to do however is prove that you are the genuine IP Claimant for domaininfo.biz, since we do not wish to cater to speculators or cybersquatters. You can do this by following the steps below

1. Visit http://namesecure.directi.com/namesecure/step1.jsp?domainname=domaininfo.biz&ipclaimid=2413

2. Paste the below security code in the box provided on that page

Security Code: Iv7Jz5I9EL

If we do manage to get domaininfo.biz for you, we will charge you a modest fee of $149. However if a speculator gets it instead of you, you will end up paying $1500 to get it back. It is better to increase your chances of getting domaininfo.biz for FREE. You do not need to pay us anything right now. BUT YOU MUST follow the above steps in order to establish your genuineness as an IP Claimant.

Couple of observations:

Most IP Claimants have this inherent feeling that by purchasing an IP Claim on the domain name they are secure, and that they will get their domain name irrespective of whatever happens in this Round Robin. This is because during the IP Claim sale phase a large number of Registrars and Resellers convinced companies that the only way to protect their IP interests was to buy a $90 IP Claim, and that by buying it their interests would be secured.
Those who are aware that they do not have any special chances of getting their domain name are not aware that they would need to fork out $1500 per domain name to win their domain name back if a Speculator gets it.
Over the last 2 months since the .BIZ Round Robin process was announced, we have found that most applications for all trademarked names have been submitted by various speculators to various Registrars.
In .INFO there were well over 1500 Sunrise Challenges and over 10000 more filed by Afilias itself at a value of $249 per Challenge - a wastage of over $2.8 million. Additionally a large number of genuine IP holders still missed out on their domain names.
When we initially investigated various business models of various Registrars, we realised that in the .BIZ queue too a large number of domain names would end up going to the Speculators resulting in Domain Name and IP mayhem of the kind never seen before. Speculators could hold IP Claimants ransom since IP Claimants would need to spend $1500 to obtain a name with no guarantee of results.
Click here to find out more about our research, about the WIPO Arbitration process, about the .BIZ Round Robin and what it means to you as an IP Claimant, and about how you can improve your chances of obtaining domaininfo.biz . 

Alternatively you can Chat live with our IP Protection team, online. Click the LIVE CHAT link below OR write us at ipclaim@directi.com

Intellectual Property Claimant's Contact Information
Domaininfo AB
Lilla Bommen 1



Trademark or Service Mark: domaininfo
IP Claim String and Identification Number: domaininfo.biz 13314
Description of Goods and/or Services: Domain name registration services.
Alleged Date of First Use: 1997-10-01 00:00:00.
Country of First Use: SWE.
Trademark Status: COMMON
Date "Registered" or "Applied For":
International Class: Not Applicable

Best Regards
IP Protection Team
Tel: 91-22-6370256
Fax: 91-22-6370255

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