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RE: [registrars] FW: Application for domaininfo.biz

> Bhavin,
> just to clarify...
> you submitted requests for most group 2B domains with a STOP on them, or
> just those that a customer requested you submit?

we have the proceed cancel notifications for these names. we proceed only on
those that a customer requests us to proceed. to clarify this statement - WE
WILL NOT BE IN A POSITION where we have a name of ANY CUSTOMER who did not
Authorise us to Register it on their behalf.

There maybe a large set of people who do not agree with our method. The
important thing here is we are not doing anything to either harm any
customer or to blackmail anyone. we are simply INCREASING the registration
chances of ONLY those customers who WANT US to increase their chances. And
these customers are ONLY IP Claimants, who have trademarks on their names.
We are not catering to any speculators.


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