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RE: [registrars] Conflict emails

neulevel seemingly is currently in the process of taking a decision with
respect to the IP Conflict Mail Response deadline. they were planning to at
first put the deadline as an extremely unrealistic date of 15th March
(instead of the orignal Mar 25th). now they are looking at March 18th which
is equally unrealistic.

here are my calculations -

* 80 Registrars have partcipated in the queues

* 9500 domains have IP Claims on them

* assuming that atleast half of these are submitted thru each registrars
queue they have roughly 380,000 mails to send out

* if you assume a mail takes 1 second to go out from their server they can
accomplish this in about 4 and a half days - that is only if EVERY Server
responds perfectly and assuming they manage to get that kind of continuous

* considering that each email is personalised however .... and contains ip
claimant information and userid/passwd - this means a database query for
each mail - and therefore i believe should likely take more than a second to
send per mail

* Neulevel has not yet started sending out these mails, if they start now
the last mail batch would reach the last applicant batch maybe about end of
this week.

* considering many people may not do much over the weekend, the last batch
of ip claimants will have 24 hours to respond to this email.

considering that neulevel has made no announcements about this most genuine
ip claimant applicants will miss out on this window if neulevel shifts the
deadline at this point in time.

* On speaking with a Neulevel representative they stated that they will
closely work with Registrars in order to meet this deadline. However the
concept itself is not feasible. As it is most Registrars have applicants all
around the world. These applicants have not paid any initial fee for
applying for their names. Therefore no Registrar would be willing to take
the cost of CALLING these clients up manually and talking to them about
their application acknowledgement process. Infact considering that there are
9000 IP Claim domain names - if you assume that each conversation takes 5
minutes a total of 90 days are required to call up EACH Applicant and assist
them in Acknowledging the process. If even 30% of the applicants do not ACK
their request it would require well over 30 days to talk to all of them.

Alternatively the time would further increase if this was to be done online
via chat. If it was to be done via email we are back to square 1, since
these would likely be the applicants who seldom check their email. Infact
that is the reason they would not have ACKNOWLEDGED the request.

The shifting of the deadline on such last minute notice will cause utter
confusion and mayhem and will increase our support and sales costs, at the
same time diminishing our returns. Infact a large number of angry genuine
customers who will miss their deadlines may initiate legal proceedings
against us/Neulevel for wrong communication and last minute changes
resulting in them losing their names.

* In most cases it is always speculators who always keep abreast of all
latest news about the domain name industry. Most genuine buyers are hardly
savvy enough to understand this entire complex IP Protection process. So
what will happen is when the new deadline will be announced al speculators
will know about it and get their application through, however IP claimants
who are typically slow at realising these processes will miss out.

The new deadline will make it easier for specualtors and tougher for IP
Claimants to get their name. I am sure this is not the intention and am
therefore optimistic about cancelling the shift in deadline from Neulevels'

I believe if most Registrars send Neulevel an email to maintain the orignal
schedule of 25th March, it would help.

Best Regards
Bhavin Turakhia
Tel: 91-22-6370256 (4 lines)
Fax: 91-22-6370255

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> Sent: Monday, March 11, 2002 9:20 PM
> To: 'Bhavin Turakhia'
> Cc: Registrars@Dnso. Org
> Subject: RE: [registrars] Conflict emails
> I have just talked to NeuLevel and surprisingly enough they _have_ changed
> their original schedule for .biz resubmissions - now they have
> not announced
> it yet, but as far as it looks today they want applicants to respond to
> IPClaim notifications by the end of this week!
> I know that this will be very difficult for everyone to make
> (thinking about
> the first round of IPClaim notifications - customers really did not
> understand it that well) - so I would assume that this unofficial deadline
> will be moved again. I guess we all should be looking out for
> announcements
> from NeuLevel the next days.
> Best Regards,
> Tina Dam
> Ascio Technologies Inc.
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> From: Bhavin Turakhia [mailto:bhavin.t@directi.com]
> Sent: 11. marts 2002 11:13
> To: Tina Dam
> Cc: Registrars@Dnso. Org
> Subject: RE: [registrars] Conflict emails
> i heard the deadline was changed to March 15th ...... and the mails were
> sent out on Friday Night ...... i think it may have changed back again,
> considering I havent recvd any mails so far and Neulevel has not made any
> deadline modification announcements.
> Best Regards
> Bhavin Turakhia
> Directi
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> > Sent: Monday, March 11, 2002 3:13 PM
> > To: 'Bhavin Turakhia'
> > Subject: RE: [registrars] Conflict emails
> >
> >
> > As far as we are informed the IP Claim notification period indeed should
> > start today (March 11th) - however I would not expect any email
> > to go out to
> > applicants until later as I am sure that it takes some time
> > (probably a day
> > or so) for internal processing. Surely this is quite important as our
> > applicants only have until March 25th to give their notification.
> >
> > Best Regards,
> > Ascio Technologies Inc.
> >
> > Tina Dam
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> > From: Bhavin Turakhia [mailto:bhavin.t@directi.com]
> > Sent: 11. marts 2002 09:29
> > To: Registrars@Dnso. Org
> > Subject: [registrars] Conflict emails
> >
> >
> > I believe Neulevel has begun processing the conflict emails. Our clients
> > have not recvd any so far. have any registrars got word from
> any of their
> > clients who have recvd these conflict mails yet?
> >
> > Best Regards
> > Bhavin Turakhia
> > CEO
> > Directi
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