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Re: [registrars] weird issue with one client

It's really a customer service issue. Perhaps we should be NACKing
transfers away on domains that have been renewed AFTER their expiration
date AND are still in 45 day grace period?

Tim Ruiz
Go Daddy Software, Inc.

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   Subject: Re: [registrars] weird issue with one client
   From: "Patricio Valdes" <valdes@parava.net>
   Date: Sat, March 9, 2002 7:57 am
   To: "Bhavin Turakhia" <bhavin.t@directi.com>,
         "Registrars@Dnso. Org" <registrars@dnso.org>


   I had the same happen to me with Verisign Registrar, this was a
   personal domain. even though I requested the transfer over to us with
   2 days left for the name to expire, they still made me renew. Once I
   renewed, I transferred over to us and the year I had paid for with
   Verisign was never awarded.

   Patricio Valdes
   Parava Networks

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   From: "Bhavin Turakhia" <bhavin.t@directi.com>
   To: "Registrars@Dnso. Org" <registrars@dnso.org>
   Sent: Saturday, March 09, 2002 7:07 AM
   Subject: [registrars] weird issue with one client

   > i just learned something -
   > one of my customers had a domain name (agnihotraindia.com)
   > registered with INWW. it expired and was in the auto-renew period.
   > the client paid INWW
   > renewing it.
   > After this the client transferred the name to me in the want of
   > adding ONE more year to the name. for some reason this removed the
   > year that was
   > by INWW.
   > i then heard from Verisign that a domain in the auto-renew grace
   > period if it is transferred will lose the one year. so how does a
   > registrar
   > renew the domain name during the auto-renew period such that even if
   > it
   > transferred in the auto-renew period the year will not be
   > subtracted?
   > what do other registrars do in a scenario like this?
   > Best Regards
   > Bhavin Turakhia
   > CEO
   > Directi
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   > Tel: 91-22-6370256 (4 lines)
   > Fax: 91-22-6370255
   > http://www.directi.com
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