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[registrars] 2 matters

Lest there be any confusion, the "sensible proposal" referred below to
concerns the idea that registries and registrars meet to talk to Mr. Lynn in
Accra, Ghana. His proposals for the reform of ICANN are another matter! I
have already received two friendly inquiries whether I had lost my mind.
Either I have all my marbles or lost them decades ago, but I have not become
a sudden devotee of Mr. Lynn's proposals.

A room has been reserved in the Labadi Beach Hotel for our meeting, after we
meet in the Lapalm with the registries. The Labadi is 5 minutes' walk from
the Lapalm.


-----Original Message-----
From: Timothy Denton [mailto:tim@tmdenton.com]
Sent: Wednesday, March 06, 2002 12:18 PM
To: Registrars-ICANN
Subject: FW: Invitation to gTLD Registry Meeting

This message will interest those of use who are attending the meeting in
Accra. They are

The attendees to date are RCOM,VRSN, TUCOWS, MIT,
VirtualInternet/NetSearchers, Neteka, NameBay, Schlund,CORE, and France

The purpose of this invitation is to have a common meeting where Stuart Lynn
has the opportunity to explain his proposals. This is a sensible proposal,
in my view.

It is expected that the Registrar constituency will meet in some ofther
portion of the La Palm hotel to discuss its own business. If a suitable room
cannot be found in the Lapalm, we will have to meet in the Labadi Beach
Hotel, which is 5 minutes' walk away.

I am conferrring with Mike Palage now about our room.

Tim Denton

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From: Neuman, Jeff [mailto:Jeff.Neuman@neustar.us]
Sent: Wednesday, March 06, 2002 11:09 AM
To: 'tmdenton@magma.ca'
Cc: 'slynn@icann.org'; 'touton@icann.org'; 'michael@palage.com'
Subject: Invitation to gTLD Registry Meeting


As per our conversation, the gTLD Registry Constituency would like to
formally invite the Registrar Constituency to attend the gTLD Constituency
meeting on Monday, March 11, 2002.  More specifically, we would like, if
possible, to have a joint session with Stuart Lynn at 9:00am to discuss the
ICANN Reform Proposal.  Stuart has already confirmed that he will be making
a presentation at that time and answer any questions that we may have.

The information I have is that the meeting will be in the La Palm Hotel, in
the DAMBA 1 room.

FYI, the gTLD Registry Constituency meeting will take place from 8:30am
until 12:00 pm with the following agenda:

8:30am - 9:00am: 	Presentation on Auth Codes as it relates to
Registrar Transfers by Afilias/NeuLevel.
9:00am - 11:00am:	ICANN Restructuring - including presentation by
Stuart Lynn
11:00am-11:20am:	Discussion on Grace Periods for Domain Names
11:20am-12:00pm:	Discussion on Secondary Markets for Domain Names
(i.e., Wait List Service, Afternic, etc.)

We invite the Registrars to participate in not only the discussion on
Restructuring, but also on the other issues listed above as well.

We look forward to seeing you in Ghana.

Jeffrey J. Neuman, Esq.
Chair, gTLD Registry Constituency
e-mail: Jeff.Neuman@NeuLevel.biz

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