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Re: [registrars] NEW: Registrar Meeting Update - Wednesday June 21st.

At 12:09 14-06-2000 -0400, Michael D. Palage wrote:
>P.S. The cost of the room with morning and afternoon refreshments (we are on
>our own for lunch) is approximately $950. I have still not yet finalized
>costs for the dial-in telephone bridge. A number of registrars have stated
>that they are willing to contribute financially toward the hosting of this

Dear Michael:  I would strongly recommend that no Constituency funds be 
expended for the local costs of the meeting.  These costs should be borne 
by the firms which send their staff to the meeting.

The cost of the telephone "bridge" should be borne by the Constituency.

[I now recognize that the meeting is not on the 14th but on the 21st.  I 
first learned of it while I was stuck in Amsterdam due to a failure of air 
traffic control in Heathrow.  Of course, the airlines took it like a man, 
they blamed it on a computer;-{ ]

Regards, BobC

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