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RE: [registrars] Update: Registrar Meeting

At 08:02 14-06-2000 -0700, Josh Elliott wrote:
>  It is disturbing that their has been a decision to meet in D.C.
>on such a short notice,

>While I personally will be attending the D.C. meeting via teleconference, I
>am not thrilled with the timing, and I would prefer that we stay focused to
>meet in Yokohama.

Dear Josh:  I concur that the light switch decision making process left me 
breathless.  And here at 05:50 JST, 15 June, I still don't have the number 
to call in to the meeting.

I also concur that it is important to be here in Yokohama.  That doesn't 
run counter to the general agreement that some kind of meeting to "get our 
ducks in a row" is a good strategy.

We must stress that we have elected four of our leaders to plot our 
course.  We first elected a Secretariat to handle correspondence, 
scheduling, balloting and the like.  Then we elected three members to 
represent us on the Names Council.  They are the ones who should be 
initiating or consolidating strategic matters such as this meeting.

I was pleased to see that Ken Stubbs would be participating.

Personal regards, BobC

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