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Re: [registrars] VAT (sales tax) payable to EU on DomainSales?? (Meeting)

At 22:19 12-06-2000 +0100, Paul M. Kane wrote:
>Personally, I too do not see how companies outside the EU would be subject 
>to the
>tax, but I am receiving a different messages. Let me ask an authoritative 
>source in
>advance of next week's meeting.

Dear Paul:  I can see how the EU could collect the tax at the point of 
use.  It would be cumbersome and complex and probably not cost effective in 
the case of domain name registrations.  For larger expenditures, they would 
probably be within their right.

In the states, if you buy a car in one state and move shortly to another, 
the new state may impose a sales tax.  That happened to my son Bill, who 
bought a car and they was transferred to Washington State, where he was met 
with a tax bill when he registered the car for use in Washington.

Regards, BobC

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