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Re: [registrars] Update: Registrar Meeting

hello josh...

in no way do i see this meeting diminishing the importance of the yokohama
meeting or as a dilution of effort here.

i don't particularly care for  the timing but most certainly  recognize the
importance of having it.

we are involved in a process with many other interest groups and, as such
are many times required to involve ourselves in somewhat impromptu
activities. invariably, in most  cases these are necessitated on us by
recent actions and events by other participants.

i am pleased though that you will be able to participate josh ...

ken stubbs
p.s. i would like to personally thank the parties involved in effecting this
meeting for their efforts

> Furthermore, we cannot stress the importance of attending the ICANN
> in Yokohama.  While discussing issues like COC, funding, what we do, etc.
> D.C. are important, the issues of new gTLDs should be decided in Yokohama,
> which directly effects our business, and is much more important for all of
> us.
> While I personally will be attending the D.C. meeting via teleconference,
> am not thrilled with the timing, and I would prefer that we stay focused
> meet in Yokohama.
> Thank you.
> Josh Elliott
> TUCOWS.com, Inc.

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