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[registrars] NEW: Registrar Meeting Update - Wednesday June 21st.

The plans for next weeks meeting are beginning to crystallize and I believe
that it is going to be a very productive meeting and will lay a lot of
ground work for an excellent Yokohama meeting. The meeting room is allocated
for 10-30 people. As you can see below we are quickly approaching the
morning cut-off for in person participation. If you intend on coming in
person please notify me ASAP.

Registrar Participating:

Core (1 in person)
NSI - the registrar (2 in person)
Bulkregister (3 in person)
AOL (1 in person)
Enet Registry (2 in person)
Register.com (1 in person, 1 via telephone bridge)
InfoNetworks (1 in person)
Domain Bank (2 in person)
Paul Kane  (1 in person - Wed afternoon)
AllWest (telephone participation)
Name Engine (2 in person)
TUCOWS (1 via teleconference)
InfoAvenue (1 via teleconference)
PSI-Japan (1 via teleconference)
AIT (1 attendee - undecided in person or via teleconference)
Domain Name Registry (1 via teleconference)


NSI - The Registry (3 in person)
US Department of Justice (1 or 2 in person)
FBI (still awaiting confirmation)
ICANN Compliance Office (awaiting word back on Louie on Dan's availability
in person or via teleconference)

Listed below are the tentative agenda items. There will be a morning session
open to NSI the registry and the law enforcement representatives and then a
closed afternoon session to deal with Registrar policy issues.


Hijacking Problems: This will start off as an informative session to discuss
the issue of domain name hijacking. Those law enforcement personnel involved
with these issues will be in attendance to give their perspective of the
situation and to understand the technical aspects of the DNS operation. The
session will then turn to an open forum to discuss what can be done from a
technical and/or administrative standpoint to address this problem.

Transfer Issues: I have been hearing nightmare stories from many of the
registrars. I feel it is important to get everyone in the room and sort out
fact from fiction.

Registry Update: Time permitting before the lunch break. I would like the
Registry personnel to give the registrars an update on where the SRS
software is at and what enhancement are in the pipelines.

Afternoon Session: This will be closed to registrars only to handling
various internal policies and issues.

Registrar Constituency Funding, what are the objectives, goals and future
structure of the constituency?

The property v. service debate: What is it that ICANN registrar do sell a
product or provide a service.

The Registrars initial response to the ICANN Staff report on new gTLDs (see
report now available at the ICANN web site). Map out a plan of attack for
the upcoming Yokohama meeting.

Code of Conduct fact finding session. The information and ideas circulated
during this session will be forwarded to Richard Lindsey and the Code of
Conduct Task Force for their consideration in Yokohama. This session will be
for the benefit of those registrars that will not be able to participate in

I will keep everyone posted as things crystallize further. As questions or
comments send me an e-mail or call me on the phone +1(561) 741-7880.


P.S. The cost of the room with morning and afternoon refreshments (we are on
our own for lunch) is approximately $950. I have still not yet finalized
costs for the dial-in telephone bridge. A number of registrars have stated
that they are willing to contribute financially toward the hosting of this

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