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[registrars] Update: Registrar Meeting

A room at the Reston Hyatt has been reserved. Now I need to determine the
number of attendees. The below listed companies have confirmed that will be
attending. Several others have expressed an interest as well, if so please
notify me. Over the next couple of days I will also be contacting some
non-constituency registrars located in the area in an effort to build
membership by showing what we can do.


Register.com (1 in person, 1 via telephone bridge)
Core (1 in person)
NSI - the registrar (1 or 2 in person)
Bulkregister (2 in person)
Enet Registry (1or 2 in person)
InfoNetworks (1 in person)
Domain Bank (1 person)
Paul Kane  (Wed afternoon)
AllWest (telephone participation)


I have extended an invitation to NSI-The Registry and law enforcement
personal that have been involved with the recent spat of hijacking issues.
This is a proactive attempt to diffuse a lot of the negative press that has
been in the news (both locally and internationally) as of late prior to
Yokohama. Remember part of expanding the name space relies upon us proving
that we can handle the current three top level domains in a responsible

I have also extended an invitation to Dan Hollaran - our new compliance
officer, however, Louie does not know if he will be able to attend. I
believe this will be an excellent opportunity

As soon as I have more information on the telephone bridge I will send it
along to the group.


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