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[nc-whois] Whois implementation c'tee call - summary

Here's a brief summary of the substantive results of today's
implementation committee call; I hope my notes are accurate.

- With respect to the "review upon renewal" policy proposal, the
  implementation committee suggests to change this to a regular (at
  least annual) review, which does not have to be tied to renewal.

- The dispute resolution process [3 (e)] is removed.

- When a registrant provides updated data in response to an accuracy
  inquiry and if these data are found implausible in step 3 (d),
  there is an expectation that things are escalated, and some
  judgment is applied.  (Give the registrant an opportunity to
  re-confirm things, provide evidence, whatever.)

- No result on the 15 days.

Thomas Roessler                        <roessler@does-not-exist.org>

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